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Custom Number Plates?

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I have been mulling over a variety of personalisation options. Number plates came into consideration. It's a bit naff but - hey who cares. We have the option for to personalise our plates with up to 5 number/letter combinations.

A search shows me the obvious are unavailable because others got in before me so I'm not the only idle daydreamer.

GONE are R90, R9T, NINET, BMW90,BMW9T, and permutations thereof ....

In frustration I have reserved BXR90 to acknowledge 90 years of boxer BMW's and include the model # R90. Any other bright ideas out there.

Remember combo letters and numbers = maximum 5

A hint - our motor registry can decline naughty words or suggestions.:eek
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I'm not entirely sure on the conditions of personalised plate ownership in New South Wales, Australia, however in Queensland, once purchased, a number plate is Yours for life. Some combinations are limited to certain plate types/vehicle. The following are available, Yours for life, or to be sold on with vehicle:R9T $3500AUD,R90$3500AUD,AHH90 $445,ARR90 $445,ARH90 $445.Other combos are available, these are just a few that I tried. I have personalised plates, as they are known here, on a few of My vehicles, and a couple of them are over a decade old, and I didn't pay anything close to the prices I've quoted above. The scoundrels seem to increase the price every year or so! I do like the option to colour code a number plate to Your bike, and mix in a letter/number combo that relates to Your pride and joy.
Congratulations on the plate purchase! It's always a tough decision to choose the right one. I'll mull it over for a while I think.
Haven't gotten it yet, but it is available.

Super cool plate! I'd lock it in!!:)
BM9T is available and Yours for life here in Queensland for $2395AUD! A black background with silver letters. Colour coded to the R Nine T!
I got NINET for NSW, Australia. Black background and silver lettering. Saw em today to send to the dealer.
Well done Mate! That'll look sweet, all colour coded too!:)
Tassie let me drop one letter/digit from their usual 5-digit/letter standard issue rego plates .... I simply caved and went for these, one-off fee of AUD $295 - I'm stoked!!! (other combinations are going for AUD $995 - sucks :mad:) ... at 185mm x 100mm it'll be small enough to fit on that rear wheel mount - might go that way if it looks cool (until the cops pull me up for it ...) :D:D:D

btw ... I will have to thank 9TEE from Melbourne for clearing the cobwebs from my choked grey cells .... ta, MATE! :eek::eek:;) ... don't feel too exploited though - you prob could still get the same plates with the VIC heading ....
I was just having a squiz on the PPQ site, (personalised plates Queensland) and all of the variants listed in the posts above, (9TEE,NINETetc) are available!!!:) At the bargain basement price of $2395:( A bit rich for Mr & Mrs Chumba's blood. However We are going to go with a slightly cheaper option from the $445 shelf. It'll be silver on black with a 3 letter/2 number combo.:) To be continued.............
I initially applied for NINET (in Western Australia) and application was denied because NINET is a Trademark. Different States different rules? R9T was my second chose and it has been approved.
Well done, good score:) Just need some thing to attach it to now! And we wait and....... Just like Christmas as a kid!:D
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