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Posted this in Appearance and Body first, figured it would be good for it to have a home here as well. This will be edited as the final version comes in!

Daedalus R NineT Tail Tidy Install
With Under Tail License Plate Mount

Kit Contents:
1 x Tail Light Assembly
4 x Spacers
1 x License Plate Support
2 x License Plate Posts
2 x M4 Set Screws

Tools Required:
2 mm Allen Key
T25 Torx Driver
T30 Torx Driver
Time Required: 20 minutes​

1. Locate the five bolts pictured. 4 x T25 stainless tail mounting bolts and 1 x T30 seat/cowl mounting bolt. Using your T30 driver, remove the rear seat/cowl mounting bolt. Once the bolt is removed, remove your rear cowl or rear seat.

2. As pictured, push the tab on the back of the seat and pull back/up to remove the seat.

3. Rear and main seat shown removed. Locate the ECU Cover under the main seat

4. Using two hands, push the 2 rearward tabs and pull up to remove the ECU cover.

5. Shown with the ECU exposed and cover removed.

6. Locate the main tail connector. NOTE this connector will be mounted on a slide under the seat. We have removed this mount because of our need to constantly remove/install the tail kit during development.

7. Disconnect the tail main connector.

8. Using your T25 driver, remove the 4 mounting bolts for the stock tail (keep these bolts and their plastic washers handy). Carefully lower the stock tail and balance on the rear tire, or have a friend hold as to not stress the harness.

9. Guide the main connector out from under the rear seat and set the stock tail aside. You will no longer need the stock tail.

10. Shown is the unassembled Daedalus Tail Tidy Kit

11. Feed the two plate posts through the appropriate holes in the plate support.

12. Line the posts up to the two mounting holes underneath the Daedalus tail light unit. Thread the posts in and tighten by hand.

13. Slide the plate support to the bottom stops of the support posts

14. Thread the M4 set screws into the two holes using the 2mm allen key. Tighten set screws

15. Shown: Plate support mounted to the tail light unit

16. Place the 4 circular spacers into the counter bore on the assembled kit. The bore will hold the spacers from easily falling out when held.

17. Place the Tail Tidy kit on the rear tire and feed the OEM connector under the seat and connect to the bike’s main tail connector.

18. Line up the 4 mounting holes with those of the Daedalus kit; pinch it in position and thread in the original mounting bolts.

19. Using the T25 driver, tighten the 4 bolts.

20. Shown is the mounted tail tidy

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21. Place the ecu back in its home.

22. Shown: ECU back in position

23. Install the ECU cover in reverse of it’s removal, placing the front pin in its guide hole and the rear arms into their slots.

24. Reinstall the main seat. Align the 4 tabs on the bottom of the seat with the receiving posts on the frame. It’s easiest once align to push down and “squeeze” the seat while sliding it forward until the rear latch snaps into place. Verify the seat is in place by lifting up on the 4 corners to check that there is minimal play. We don’t want your seat lifting off while riding!

25. Shown: Main seat installed

26. Install your rear cowl or rear seat and thread the mounting bolt. Tighten with a T30 driver.

27. You are finished! Stand back and admire your new kit

Couple of notes:
The kit pictured is slightly different than the finished product. The install remains the same. We will make any changes to this tutorial once we have the final product in hand.
The noticeable differences are:
Kit will include a license plate light. Plate support changes slightly in shape to account for mounting the light.
We will be including our own fabricated hardware to mount your license plate on the kit. The hardware makes mounting up your license plate just that much easier. Also included, 2 Torx bolts
This kit works with both the rear cowl and the rear seat installed. When installing with the rear seat 2 spacers will be required. Without the spacers there will be a noticeable gap between the tail light and the rear seat. To our knowledge, we are the only kit that offers a solution that works on both the cowl and rear seat configurations without producing a gap. We will provide additional steps to show how this works in a couple weeks. Trust us, it’s quite easy
There you have it! It looks like a long list but we just wanted to be as thorough as possible.

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Do you guys sell the plug and play led strip (with licence plate light) separately as well? As a student who already had to work all weekend for 4 years to be able to buy the NineT I'm not really in the position to spend $600 on a tail tidy haha.

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That looks to me like that would be fine with clearance. It is hard to tell but the plastic section would appear to sit at the same height as the factory seat/solo tail section etc which all work with our tidies. That being said there could be concern for it drooping over the sides or back with bags to hide the light but that would depend on the luggage!

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Do you have a dealer in Europe (not in the UK, they left)?

NineT store is an excellent resource located in France. We do actually still have a dealer in the UK who's equally wonderful in Pier City Cycles
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