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Daedalus Tail Tidy = Two Thumbs Way Up

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If you're on the fence about spending the extra money on a Daedalus vs the cheaper options, I can honestly say it's worth it. This thing is a true work of art. Perfect machining, 15 minute install and a lifetime warranty



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100% agree - easy plug 'an play. I thought I would use the OEM directionals with the unit, but, it looks awful. Have ordered the small directionals and am awaiting their arrival. Here in Mass, your directionals must be at least 9" a-part so could not go with the integrated signals. I'm also using the Rizoma sidearm for the rear plate and the Daedalus folk provide a pigtail for this setup. First class design and looks. Just waiting for my bike to return from dealer where it's having its first service and the recall work done and then will post pics.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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