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My dealer sent me a new pdf titled BMW Motorrad USA, Training Information Bulletin it's has pretty much the same info as we have already but if anyone is interested PM me with an email addy and I'll send it on. Below are the top bullet points before it gets into the meat. I liked the highlighted parts, I'm in a target group now besides AARP :D

To mark the company’s 90th anniversary, BMW Motorrad introduced the BMW R nineT.​
The new BMW R nineT. A unique motorcycle that distills the brand values of 90 years of BMW Motorrad into pure riding pleasure in the most classic way.​
• The design of the nineT is the most important aspect in communication. Relaxed and casual, with the confidence born of looks that are timeless.​
• High-quality surfaces with stylistic elements recalling the history of motorcycling add up to a fascinating motorcycle. It is a completely new, radically different model evolved from the proven K2x models (the drive unit is from the R 1200 R).​
• The target group sees the motorcycle primarily as an emotional extension of themselves. Riding pleasure, design and sound deliver a pure, uncompromising motorcycle with thrilling on-road performance.
• The classic, yet modern looks and the opposed-twin “boxer” drivetrain provide an appealingly unique selling position compared to the competition.​
• The nineT is a modern motorcycle for active riding, with the latest technology , it is not a retro bike.
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