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Dispelling "Too Small" Rumors

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finally picked up my T yesterday after almost a week knowing she was ready but being unable to find time to pick her up.

she did look quite small in a showroom full of GS & Rs

i am:
33" inseam
37" sleeve

i am flat footed with a good amount of bend in my knees when sat on the bike.

reach to the bars is perfect for me, just the right amount of elbow bend and forward lean.

seat to peg distance is about what i am used to. pegs right below the seat and a bit less angle on my knee than on my Superduke. it's comfortable.

my wife says the bike does not look small on me...for reference, she is accustomed to seeing me on sports bikes and standards.
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Awesome! I can't say I paid much attention also coming from small ergo bikes, but its nice to here you're comfortable on it.
I think its an illusion created by the relatively consistent height of the bike front to back.
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