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2020, BMW R NINE T
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I had installed the Evotech performance tail tidy a few months back and I just was not too keen on the chrome plastic look on the tail light. I remember back from my days as water-cooled VW nerd people were taking their head lights apart on the MK4 Jettas and Golfs to paint the chrome housing black, it was called the "joeymod".
I removed the tail light and put the heat gun to the housing to separate the lense. Once separated I used some 400 grit sandpaper to remove the chrome finish as much as possible. I then cleaned and dried the housing. Once all dry i sprayed it with some primer and then applied some flat black afterwards. Before gluing the lense back onto the housing I removed as much as the factory glue as possible and sanded the mating surface of the lense. I used some Loctite brand two part plastic glue to put it back together. Some pictures below.

All apart and ready for some sanding.
Motor vehicle Hood Guitar accessory Musical instrument Automotive lighting

Primed and ready for paint
Grille Hood Grey Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

painted flat black
Automotive lighting Hood Helmet Finger Automotive tire

Hood Grille Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Bicycle handlebar

lights on
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
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