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DynoJet Power Commander

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Given that the 9T and R1200R (2014) have identical engines and ECU, could the DynoJet for the R1200R be used on a 9T? I think their fuel maps are probably identical too.

Thoughts appreciated!
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The bike are pretty much new (800 miles).
First service is done but they said that they didn't find the diagnostic connector so I hope it's factory choked/tuned down some how for the first service. I'm just guessing....
The diagnostic connector is under the plastic side panel to the lower left of the tank as you sit on the bike. Two screws and the panel removes and gives easy access to the socket.

I'm very surprised that experienced mechanics wouldn't have been able to find this... Slightly worrying to be honest...

Who fitted the performance mods? The same bunch of mechanics, or was it you?
I'm pretty sure that all Scramblers are Euro 4 compliant. My understanding is that only the original 2014-2016 Classic R nineT roadsters were Euro 3.The rest of the 9T family is Euro 4. Happy to stand corrected though!
Dynojet pc v 12-001
Is it possible to install the r nine t?
Anyone who knows would appreciate it if you could reply
Good question, there is a pre existing Power Commander on this thread, so I have moved your thread there. Have a read through hand see if it answers any questions you have.
1 - 3 of 97 Posts
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