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DynoJet Power Commander

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Given that the 9T and R1200R (2014) have identical engines and ECU, could the DynoJet for the R1200R be used on a 9T? I think their fuel maps are probably identical too.

Thoughts appreciated!
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Hi, I've just fitted my Power Commader V which I had fitted to my old 1200GS. I've uploaded the Stock RnineT Scrambler map from PC, for stock exhaust and stock airfilter. I have to say, I've not noticed a huge difference in performance, unlike when I installed it on my 2007 1200GS, using the appropriate Map. I'm wondering if the PC map for the Scrambler is for a Euro3 ECU? Did BMW even make a Euro3 version? My bike is a late 2016 model, so could be Euro3 or 4? I wouldn't know? Any ideas or obvious signs to tell? Another annoying issue is my Emission warning lamp stays on! As recommended by PC I decoupled the exhaust 02 sensors. I suspect this is the reason the orange warning lamp is constantly displayed. Any ideas how this can this be reset? Thanks. I think an email to PC is beckoning!
Thanks, that's what I think, my Scrambler is Euro 4.
Update. I've re-plugged the 02 sensors back in and after a 40 mile ride, powered off, then restarted, the on warning lamp disappeared! . In fact the bike runs a bit smoother now, so I guess the instructions from Dynajet, to decouple the 02 sensors where for the Euro3 RNineT model. Another set of RNineT Instructions, I found on the internet from Dynajet, didnt mention unpluging the 02 sensor. So I'm assuming this instruction sheet was for the Euro4 models. Hopefully I will get to the bottom of this when I speak with Dynajet.
1 - 2 of 97 Posts
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