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DynoJet Power Commander

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Given that the 9T and R1200R (2014) have identical engines and ECU, could the DynoJet for the R1200R be used on a 9T? I think their fuel maps are probably identical too.

Thoughts appreciated!
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I just installed a PC to my R9T Roadster (2016) and hopefully the winter passes soon so I get to test it.

I'm interested to know if you ever got any response form the Dynojet? It sounds weird to me if the instructions tells you to unplug the O2-sensors and you're actually not suppose to do that. In my understanding if you ride with O2 sensors on and the PC adds more fuel the O2 sensors should see this and re-adjust injection time to a shorter period. I guess the PC can dismiss this, but I thought that the PC would still be "listening" the injection amount coming from ECU.
Hi, any updates on yoru install? Impressions? I am mulling this as it's on sale and a few dollars more than the booster plug with what appears to be a much higher level of fueling options. I am not looking for huge performance gains but I really like the idea of correcting a factory lean condition and I see much more about the BP than the PCV.

Also, does anyne know, is it a true statement that the ECU does NOT eventually adapt to a booster plug and ultimately offest it's effect? I can't yet find that definitive answer.
1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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