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Electro Operated Servos For Exhaust Note Enhancement

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I'm assuming this feature is controlled by the ECU and not the rider.
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I'm assuming this feature is controlled by the ECU and not the rider.
Correct same as the 2010 onwards twin cam engine ,well until it seizes up !!:rolleyes:
If it happens under warranty no worries ,if it goes after that then just remove the cables and leave the flap fully open ,then the ECU still thinks it's connected otherwise you'll have a fault on the dash if you remove the control box ,same if you fit different headers and remove the exhaust valve !! Enjoy :D
thanks for the info :D what are the disadvantages to leaving the flaps open ? just more noise?
There's no dramas if the valves cables are disconnected and flap fully open as the ECU will think its still operating the flap for( yes more noise at throttle openings),also if the flap in the valve seizes which they can do from carbon build up and stay closed you'll have a real loss of power :D

No need to worry until its knackered, if it ain't broke don't fixit scenario :D
so what happens if you swap the entire exhaust, you have to ride with an error code always? Couldn't I just get Motorrad to shut it off?
It's fine cherry street just remove the cables from the control box as there not required once the valves removed from the exhaust join union ,it's only if you remove the servo box the ECU will show up a fault on the dash ,save your funds for petrol not giving it to a technician to swipe your ECU if it can be done :confused:;):D hope this makes sense :)
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