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Change oil and oil filter (Mineral Oil) after only 50 Miles ?
How about changing Final Drive oil after only 50 Miles too ?
Even front fork oil ?
After all oil is cheap, what harm can it do?

Motorcycle Extremist - Motorcycle Engine "Break-in" the Right Way!
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running-in not same as bedding-in

after discussing this at length with people who have had numerous bikes & cars from new, I gather that those 'old-wive's-tales' breaking in stories are mainly a relic from the past when alloys were not as developed, manufacturing less precise, oils less refined, fuels and combustion processes left more residual free radicals in the engine, etc, etc, etc ...

These days, most engines are in great shape, tested & tried from the factory, and most people agree that whatever doesn't happen during the first 2 hours of riding (piston rings honing cylinder surface & vice versa) is not going to happen after that. Whatever has been achieved, that's it.

Different story for bedding in and freeing up. Pretty much everyone agrees that somehow the bike jumps into a new character, is more responsive, eager to whiz about, only many many kms later ....

Me, I'll follow the R9T manual ... (page 57), undoubtedly the BMW engineers have proven they know their mettle ... that's why we love the bikes so much ... :)

Engine break-in speeds
<5500 min-1 (Odometer reading
0...124 miles (0...200 km))
<6500 min-1 (Odometer
reading 124...249 miles
(200...400 km))
<7500 min-1 (Odometer
reading 249...373 miles
(400...600 km))
Briefly maximum engine
speed (Odometer
reading 373...559 miles
(600...900 km))
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