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Change oil and oil filter (Mineral Oil) after only 50 Miles ?
How about changing Final Drive oil after only 50 Miles too ?
Even front fork oil ?
After all oil is cheap, what harm can it do?

Motorcycle Extremist - Motorcycle Engine "Break-in" the Right Way!
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Why Mineral oil?
Method "B" Example:
Break-in the engine using a wider range of varying engine speeds, including intervals of short duration high RPM runs.

I think the two best places to do this break-in is either the canyons or the race track. If you live near some canyons, go straight there for your break-in. If you can haul your bike to a race track, that's a great option as well. Do not "lug" the engine around at low RPM at all, and don't cruise around at the same RPM for any real length of time, but rather you should be fluctuating the RPM consistently. Don't even bother riding on the freeway at all for your first 500 miles, unless it's basically just on and right back off. One of the worse things you can do is baby the engine too much during break-in, along with running too hard too fast. You have to find a kind of happy medium between the two.

Oil and Oil Filter Change Schedule Summary -
Make sure no synthetic oil is used during the first 1500 miles. Use only regular motorcycle specific SAE 10W – 40 mineral (petroleum) oil that meets or exceeds the API SG and JASO MA2 standards. If you're not sure what oil is in your new bike, change it immediately to this oil, and change the filter as well. While 10w - 40 is best for most, if your particular climate or engine requires something different, then by all means use it.

50 Miles - Change oil and oil filter (Mineral Oil)
200 Miles - Change oil and oil filter (Mineral Oil)
500 Miles - Change oil and oil filter (Mineral Oil)
1500 Miles - Change oil and oil filter (Mineral Oil or Synthetic Oil as Desired)

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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