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Engine Protection Bars

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Is anyone considering installing engine protection bars?
Old fashioned styling like seen at the other thread re customizing lights?
chunky or not?
stainless steel tube?
powder coated black?
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Might be more expensive to replace the bars, then the heads! I have way too much experience seeing carbon shards from wrecks. I'm just sure, within my first week of a NineT, I will lay it over in the garage moving it around. Thinking back, I never laid my old r69s over (on the street or in the garage) and it had steel bars. BTW, did you guys see the pics of Paul Walker's wreck? I immediately knew it was a Carrera GT from the side view. Guess between bunches of carbon, and a tree, the tree won :(

These might be a bit more practical cost wise, while not as cool.


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Better than nothing at all, being black it will help to blend in and sort of be stealthy, still obviously noticeable to anyone.
My son, who will also ride this bike at times, made one comment today. (I will also mention this in the bike stand thread). He said, "Dad, more bikes fall on their sides in the garage or driveway, than on the road." Smart boy. Of course, he's 38 years old, and has been riding for 10-15 years too.
1 - 3 of 224 Posts