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Euro 5 Akrapovic Titanium headers

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I swore blind I was going to keep my R Nine T bone stock. Nevertheless I have been kicking round the idea of fitting a set of Euro 5 Akrapovic Titanium headers.

I contacted Nippy Normans as the Euro 4 ones part number AKP-E-B12E3 are quite significantly reduced in price but there was no mention of the Euro 5 ones part number AKP-E-B12E5. I received a curt response simply stating "We do not sell any headers for the later models. Perhaps try Performance Parts."

Performance Parts the price is almost 90% more than that of the Euro 4s. I am still undecided as these are a lot of money compared to the Euro 4. I quite like the offerings from Zard too and they are keenly priced as well, but no mention of Euro 5.

My main question is whatever direction I travel what do I do with the exhaust flap valve and servo, can these be simply removed without further ado? I am acutely aware that CanBus electronic systems can be very 'fickle' and like load equalizers needed for lighting there may be some interaction of the valve with an ECU somewhere and I don't want to start throwing codes.

Thank you and if anyone gets wind of any deals on Titanium headers for a Euro 5 please give me a shout.
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If weight saving with the R Nine T is of concern you bought the wrong bike from the off.馃槈
Yeah but less weight is less weight. I've taken about 22kg out of mine and it's made a difference. Sub 200kg wet is not a heavy bike.
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OK now, no Fat Shaming here! They are just portly, full figured. :D
Regardless, it is realistically immaterial as it doesn't matter how much weight is shed, an Olympic Sprinter he'll never be, a bit like the R Nine T. It is admittedly a cracking bike though and swift as it stands. 馃槈馃槆馃槑
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