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Exhaust Mounting Bracket for Akrapovic High Link Pipe with Stock Canisters

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Hi all! I just ordered the following for my 2017/18 R NineT Classic:
1. Akrapovic Titanium headers
2. Remus butterfly valve eliminator
3. Akrapovic link pipe (L-B12SO9T)

I will be using my stock twin canisters, however with this new setup, will be high mounted. The problem is that I dont know what BMW high mount bracket will fit since typically, the mounting brackets are bundled with the slip-on canister. In my case, as I am using the stock canister, I am not getting any mounting bracket. Having said that, has anyone had a similar setup and will any of these brackets work:

a. BMW Part 77118358245

b. BMW Part 77118359976

Option B seems more likely but then again, the assumption is that I am using a single can Akrapovic slip on muffler and not the stock one.

Option A would fit assuming that the size and mounting points of the stock twin canister of the R NineT classic is the exact same size as the stock twin canister of the the R NineT Scrambler as well as assuming that the link pipe of the stock R NineT scrambler is the same size and in the exact same position as my soon to come Akrapovic link pipe (L-B12SO9T).

Note that I already have installed a single Scrambler seat and OEM rear cover but have yet to remove the pegs for the rear pillion as I dont yet have a clue on what mounting bracket to use. Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.
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