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Fat Rider, Need Advice

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Hey Guys, first post. I've searched around but can't find anything related to my size. I might be too big for the bike but that hasn't stopped me yet. I love the darn thing.

2021 9T Roadster.

I want to upgrade the suspension. Mainly the rear feels pretty bad. I weigh 340lbs, im 6,4 so I'm a big guy. Is there any suspension parts that you think would work for me? I'm a newb.

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I went with Hyperpro Street Box kit which comes with a rear shock (sprung for your weight), stiffer fork springs and fork oil.
Hyperpro Street Box Suspension Kits | EPM Performance
Hello, I know is old but maybe I’ll get a response, I’m also looking at this kit, is it any good?.
You should call Ted porter, the owner doesn't have a lot of good stuff to say about Hyperpro. Progressive springs aren't truly progressive. They're dual rate which means you have part of your suspension at one rate and then you have another. The spring can be either too soft or too harsh. They are good when riding with different loads or single and two-up, but he isn't a fan for most applications. I had a dual rate spring on a tourer I owned and liked it. But that was a bike I rode either empty or fully loaded so the dual rate made sense there. Ted is way more knowledgeable and can offer good alternatives.
Excellent, thank you for your reply, I will call Ted.
To answer avoysest's question. The HyperPro fork springs and shock are a huge improvement over the stock suspension. Even though, I gave them my weight and riding style, I think the shock spring is a little too stiff. Make sure you set the shock preload to spec.
Thank you David, I figured it had to be better than stock.
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