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Finished the sidecar installation

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I finally finished installing a sidecar on my 2021 Scrambler. The toughest part of the build was matching the stock color!! I've been riding it as weather permits and I consider it a success because my wife asked me last night if we could go riding this weekend!!
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I have extra stencils if you need one.
If you ever make them for a 40th anniversary UGS, count me in please :)
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Awesome. Congratulations. Sidecar is one thing I am considering when I get older. If weight of bike or sense of balance became in a problem, probably I get a sidecar to continue enjoy riding Ninet (in other way).

Pictures of process or "How to build your own sidecar" would be a great post.
Congratulations. Sweet ride. I could never get mine done so I gave up on the 9t and am putting it on my R18.
I really like it, I might have to do something similar myself, even if my wife says she refuses to ride in a sidecar. Maybe the dog will go with me.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts