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OK … ✌🏻OutBlitz to VagueOut ….. there truly is an equation that relates power to noise …. You kinda got it backwards … ever been to a quiet space launch, ever heard a whisper of a drag race, ever hear a quiet Formula 1 car or a quiet jet airplane … how about a rail-road train … ? … all obey the same rules of physics when burning petrol for power…. If quiet was powerful the bikes that enter each year in the Isle of Man TT would be perfectly silent and all you’d hear was rubber on concrete. I get that you like a quiet bike … but the power argument doesn’t float mate. Put it on a dyno and tune to the optimum performance, ….not the local law …and what do have …. ? What ever it is it’s going to be loud …. You can’t argue that. …. quote “likely lose some useable power” where did you get that one …. Come on mate …. That’s a lame claim …. You never saw anyone increase the horsepower of a petrol engine that it didn’t get a bit louder ….. Perhaps your right that his money could be spent differently but your a bit wrong about the rest …… ( You probably guessed .. I like’em loud as hell ) Big Powerful large displacement engines weren’t intended to be quiet … in fact they weren’t intended to be so noisy either .. but they are ! I wonder why they are ? 🤔 Maybe power from petrol comes with noise, it’s a package deal…. 👍🏻
Remember …. Ear Plugs are cheap and unlike restrictions on exhaust systems of ANY kind they don’t choke off a few horse power for a few decibels …….. zoom zoom …. Run you ride at what ever noise level suites you mate … but quiet does not equate as powerful … maybe more polite … but the power angle is BS. It’s not personal just simple physics ….. internal petroleum combustion is powerful …. And loud !. The bigger the volume or displacement the louder it gets. If you want real loud try out a rotary or Wankel … OMG ! and I thought I was loud …. That is loud …. amazing amounts of horse power, RPM’s galore, very few moving parts, tiny engines … but insanely loud.. and the moment you restrict the noise (with back pressure) from muffling the horse power goes out the window … read up on a fella named Mohler .. he started developing a flying car over 40 years ago and was built around double stacked rotary engines. This was before electric anything … he did extensive development of the rotary and got amazing amounts power per pound from them but found that the noise was never going to be acceptable to the general public … he went belly-up when electrical flight began to develop (almost silent) …. Anyway, it’s an interesting read … and all about noise too. It was his Achilles heal … he couldn’t make it quiet quick enough. …………………..
PeaceOut ✌🏻 @vagueout ………….. Blitz
I think you may have missed the words "useable power" in my response. Granted if he was riding the bike at the upper rev ranges then the loud aftermarket exhausts come into play, however in day to day scenario's and rev ranges he's actually losing power, i.e. below 5,000rpm. They are a very loud bike as standard, however, that was not the main point of my initial response, I was really trying to adress the lousy harsh Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motorcycle Helmet
standard suspension, changing that makes the bike far sportier, more confidence inspiring, safer and comfortable. I am under the impression that MulletRider is new to motorcycling and perhaps a little green as to what makes the bike "better". If I am correct in my assumption that he is a novice, I'd strongly suggest he invests in a copy of. Keith Code's Twist of the Wrist 11 and perhaps a copy of Lee Park's Total Control, get some milage and then go for the look at me exhaust! Safe riding to all.:cool:
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