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Offering my backrest project rack/rest combo. Purchased as a Chinese import with the intention of modifying the hoop to accommodate a backrest pad for my wife. After much angsting and teeth gnashing we found a pad and a solution that fit the existing rack and it came out quite nice. The pad is a small unit secured through a 3D printed plate and it looks factory. My guy did a really nice job. At the same time he corrected the mount welds and we re-powdercoated everything so it's better in every way than I received it. Can be easily used with the pad, without the pad and with the hoop removed altogether, which comes off very easily with 4 screws.

Pics tell the story and I'l add that the backrest option, with the pass is best suited for a pair of more 'normally' proportioned riders. I am a fat ass*d driver at 6' 260# and trying to stuff my poor wife in behind me just wasn't comfortable as I spill into her seating territory. Even with no rest installed it's a challenge for her on the very small pillion pad so my next test will be with a /5 seat if I can find one soon.

So I'd like $150.00 Paypalled and Shipped, USA addresses only please.








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