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All prices are in CAD and does not include shipping.
I will first prioritize shipping to Canada before USA

OEM Handlebar Riser
20mm rise
Extra dowel pins included
50 CAD$
Wood Automotive exterior Auto part Font Fashion accessory

Voigt Handlebar Riser - SOLD
100 CAD$
Extra dowel pins included
Rectangle Font Material property Fashion accessory Electric blue

Rapid Bike
RB Racing - It will autotune based on your lambda O2 stock sensor
My Tuning (2x) - These are O2 wideband sensor (they are locked to the RB racing and cannot be sold alone)
Youtune - Change your setting on the fly such as engine braking
Adori - You can remove the RB racing module and install this adapter, you will go back to stock
All for 1600 CAD$
Electrical wiring Gas Technology Cable Electronic instrument

Font Jewellery Electric blue Cable Wire

Rectangle Tints and shades Gas Box Gadget

Haltech Servo Eliminator (New) - SOLD
Pending offer 60 CAD$
Material property Cable Font Wood Electronic device

Flapper Delete Remus (New)
80 CAD$
Hand Bottle Fluid Wood Finger

Servo Buddy (New)
60 CAD$
Liquid Gas Fluid Transparency Grass

Rapiddo Throttle (New) - SOLD
80 CAD$
Rim Wood Circle Button Font
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