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Got to Sit the nine-T With BMW Accesories

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Hi All,

I just got a call to go look at the Nine-T that will be going to the Amelia Island Concours this weekend. Of course, mine isn't here yet.:(

This bike had many of the accessories on it, so I thought I would report in.

The seat cowl is a must have and is dead sexy. Unfortunately, neither I nor the dealer could actually get the compartment open. I assume it to be user error.

The Nine-T stitched seat felt great, but I would have to sit on the stock one to know which is best. I liked the quality materials and the way the edges cut in toward the tank. I was disappointed that what looked like suede turned out not to be. I think I will pass on this initially and see how I like the stock piece.

The LED indicators looked nice, but I don't think the stockers are bad at all. I would get them if the price was under 100 USD.

I think I will go with the knee pads. They look much better in person than in pictures. There was no branding or texture to them.

This bike looks and sits great in person. Pictures do NOT do it justice.

We fired it up and I see no reason to go with any of the optional exhausts on the basis of sound. It sounds AWESOME stock, even better than the vids floating around.

The fit and finish on the production bike is top notch. Every part you might think would be done in plastic is actually aluminum, the intake being a good example. This bike just screams QUALITY.

I am still ambivalent on the gold forks, but it does break up the silver and black scheme alittle bit.

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Absolutely, all things last longer when taken care of. I've seen a lot of ugly leather saddles and I know myself. The time that you use to groom your saddle, I use for riding...

@gerry; says a GS-rider, it's made for riding not for cleaning:D I used to clean my Gs's once a year, more than enough and each time surprise what a beauty came out :)
Know what you mean but a dirty nineT???
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