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A buddy of mine sent me this from another forum: I've kept the writer's ID secure, but I thought his review superb. Hope others enjoy it, as he's obviously comparing it to his R12R:

I had given up motorcycling a year ago after several years on three R1200Rs including a 2009 and two 2011s. However, I always loved the LoRider Concept Bike and I've had it as my laptop wallpaper for years.

I knew the R nine T would suck me back in.

Went to buy one today but they wouldn't sell it to me as they wanted to keep one on the floor. So I took a test drive.

Fabulous bike. Feels like an R1200R with a few differences. First, it feels much lighter. I know it's not really but it feels like it. It's easy to flick back and forth. Feels incredibly nimble compared to an R1200R.

Stock exhaust is dual akrapovic cans and it sounds fabulous. Not BMW like at all.

The brakes are great and it's more twitchy when stopping but the dive under hard braking wasn't an issue. I won't miss the telelever at all once I'm used to it.

Standard turn signal switch. That's a change. Until I get used to it I'll be blowing the horn every time I mean to turn on the turn signals.

Build quality is amazing. The seat is nicer than the R1200R. The stock exhaust is nicer. The air intake is nicer. The forks are nicer. The brakes are nicer. The mirrors are nicer. The bar end caps are nicer. Aluminum pieces such as the front fender brackets and the machined metal brackets that support the seat are beautiful. Aluminum tank. I'm not a fan of the matte finish brake and clutch levers but that's about the only complaint.

The biggest change though is the gas tank. It has the same capacity but on the R1200R you feel like you are sitting behind an enormous tank. On the R nine T you don't really feel like you're sitting behind anything. I felt like the bike was under me rather than in front of me. It really contributes to the lithe feeling of the bike.

The R1200R is a fabulous bike but it's a very different bike. If you want a substantial naked bike with touring capabilities that will always be pretty close to stock the R1200R is the way to go. You can't customize it much because of the telelever and other unique traits. For example, have you seen many R1200Rs with aftermarket headlights or a chopped fender? They really aren't out there. With an R1200R you can add luggage, swap out the shocks and fenders, add a fairing and that's about it.

In short order you'll be able to go to the aftermarket and find all of the following for an R nine T: Headlight alternatives, clip-ons, rear sets, fender chop kit, fork upgrades, alternate seats that do more than offer additional padding.

It's going to be fun.
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