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Hello from Arizona

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Hello everyone,
I just made a totally emotional purchase and received my 2023 100-year anniversary edition RNineT. I have been eying the RNineT for a while but never pulled the trigger. I used to ride while living in Germany many moons ago but never got back into it here in the US except for a few days renting or borrowing a bike. So why is this an emotional purchase you wonder? Well, my grandfather owned a 1924 model of the R32 in the 1920's and onward and my dad actually got his motorcycle license on that machine in 1950. My dad later rode an R51 for many years. When BMW announced the anniversary edition I put my name on the waitlist, and voila, here it is. A beautiful machine that continues the BMW motorcycle legacy in our family. My older son also got his license recently and rides his little Yamaha - he might be the fourth generation riding BMW soon ;-).
Looking forward to learning about the RnineT from you all.
Happy riding!


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Hi and welcome to the forum. 👋
Your family riding heritage is sensational.
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