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Hello from Flyover Country

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I have been riding for 50 years, 40 on BMW's. Rode my R75 for 17 years, all over America. My 2nd BMW was a 1992 R100RT - Oh Man! I just knew it would never get any better. Rode that bike everywhere. Then came the 2005 R1200RT; the best had just become a lot better, and I bought one. Shortly after buying my new RT, the local dealer closed their doors, and for almost 2 years there was no BMW Motorcycle dealer in my town. A cup of coffee with a younger BMW enthusiast (actually a zealot!) became the starting point for me becoming a BMW Motorcycle dealer. We're partners: I put up the $, and he put in all the work (and still does). For the past 7 years I have ridden every BMW model made, and at age 67 am living my dream . . . and am looking forward to the new RT, which I will buy after we cover our waiting list. BUT . . . my real excitement is for the new NineT! I have a few ideas about how I want to set my bike up, but am hoping to get more ideas from this forum. . . this is gonna be fun!
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I'd rather not. I am first, a rider . . . and then a dealer . . . and want to speak as a rider on this forum. I am in the process of selling the dealership to my partner, and soon will be "just a rider", albeit with a connection to the best motorcycle dealer in Flyover Country. When I have a complaint I want to be able to air it.
My "few ideas" are not very radical. Possibly a small faring, like with the R90S, on the front, the high Akrapovic muffler, and replace the black paint with an old BMW color, Nurburgring Green, which I think will work . . . but for awhile, I am going to listen and watch what other owners are doing, to help me form my own ideas.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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