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Hello everyone,
I'm from Peru and I just bought my ninet 2014 and I find it super incredible how easy it is to take on the road.
Only the bike was modified to the tail but I want to change it for the daedalus minima but I can not remove the error that throws the light on the dashboard.
I hope to keep doing a lot of miles with this nice bike.



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Hi and welcome to the forum. 馃憢
Please post some pictures of the roads you ride on and the scenery of Peru.

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Hello @JMMP

Welcome to the forum.

When you get an error such as you're describing, it usually means the CANBUS is upset, and you have to use resistors to fool it into thinking no modification was done.

Check out these links for a start, then continue with the forum search, as this topic has been covered extensively.


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I lived in Peru fro several years when I was a kid. Punta Arenas, near Talara.

My family had to leave, "Salida Indefinitiva", when Belaunde was kicked out.

Would have loved staying longer, and I may still go back some day for a visit.

Have fun with the new bike!

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Nice looking bike

Long, long time since I visited Peru, spent some time at Trujillo & Chimbote

Looking at the photographs of the bike there doesn't appear to be any tail light, indicators or plate light on the rear of the bike, could just be the angle, that will certainly throw error codes.

If you're planning to install the Daedelus tail light, then that should sort the problem as it comes complete with the necessary resistors to stop the Canbus throwing errors.
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