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Hello everyone.

My name is Jay Everett and I am an American living and working in Sweden for the past 14 years. I have a wife and a daughter. My wife and I have been married for 25 years, and our daughter is currently 12 years old.

I am an avid motorcyclist. I love to both ride and work on bikes. My preferred brand is BMW.

My love story with BMW began in the mid 1980s when a friend lent me his 1983 R65. I had ridden other bikes in my childhood, primarily Japanese enduros, but this flat twin blew my socks off! I was hooked.

Unfortunately, my pocketbook wasn't as big as my passion, so my first street bike was a 1989 Honda Hawk GT. I really liked it because it had a single-sided swingarms, like my beloved BMWs.

My first BMW was a 1988 K75 standard. My wife and rode two-up often and began participating in BMW rallies.

Not long after my passion became a disease.

I started buying, selling and trading motorcycles. It didn't help that I started working at Reno BMW either.

In fact, I have worked at three BMW Motorcycle dealerships to date: Reno BMW (permanently closed), Sierra BMW and, most recently, San Diego BMW Motorcycles.

When I say that I am a motorcycle enthusiast, this also means I have tried other brands than BMW. In fact, I've owned (according to my Excel spreadsheet): 3 Ducatis, 3 Honds, 1 Harley and 1 Triumph, in addition to my 35 BMWs.

My latest purchase was a totally renovated 1978 BMW R100RS.

But the reason I am here now, is that tomorrow I will purchase my 45th motorcycle: a 2017 BMW R NineT Urban GS.

I am totally looking forward to having a GS again and I think this one will be a wonderful combination of old(-time) and engine, ABS brakes, ASC and old-time front suspension.

I've had Airhead and Oilhead GSs, and this one combines the best of both worlds.

Sadly, I won't be picking her up until next weekend.

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. Thanks for accepting me into this group. I look forward to sharing our love for Beemers.

Kinds regards,


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:welcome: Nice story and collection of bikes!
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