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Hello from West Palm Beach!

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Been enjoying the bike since I got it a couple weeks ago.. Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing all things great in this forum!
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Tell us a bit about you. Beautiful bike for sure, but do you deserve it? I mean, what if you are generally a moped rider, or own a laundromat or something? You might breed pomeranians for all we know. Welcome to the asylum either way. Enjoy it.
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I like your area @dub8i8 . I was at Palm Beach Gardens a couple years ago for some training and enjoyed it. The geography there is almost exactly the opposite of where I live. Where NM is dry, you have water literally EVERYWHERE. FL is flat, NM is mountainous. You have plant growth and we have a bunch of dirt and sand. Almost a culture shock. It was a cool experience. Send pics of the bike and the corgis. Those dogs are so amusing.
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