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Helmet Reviews

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Just bought myself a new full face helmet called the Shoei GT Air.

I read and checked as many reviews as possible before buying this helmet - and by far the GT got heaps of praise!!

Apart from the obvious safety reason, I bought this helmet because of the drop down inner tinted visor and the fact that the GT keeps most of the wind noise out thanks to its design.

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Here is one of a number of YOUTUBE reviews on the Shoei GT Air:

Shoei GT-Air Ride Test at Competition Accessories - YouTube
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I have this one, SHARK evoline 3 incl. Sharktooth headset.
Had already the 2 Series. Outstanding feature: Approved as full face helmet AND as jet helmet.
helmet EvoLine series3 HAKKA White Black Red EvoLine series3 SHARK Discovery Division SHARK-HELMETS - FRANCE FRANCE - English

the one I have is black/white

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If you mean, if glasses fit under the sun visor: yes, they do.
I wear varyiocal bike glasses, perfect !!
Just thinking about a Full Face verses an Open Face - it would have to be better protection which includes not having your nose burnt by the sun - I learnt the hard way!
That's why I've choosen the Evoline, it has both...
What about this ?

?.. Plus your visible from the next county over and high altitude aircraft...
I already mentioned it somewhere, we should start a thread about sense and nosense of fluorescent gear.
It will be funny, I promise...
Much more than a Hippohand discussion :D:D
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