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Just bought myself a new full face helmet called the Shoei GT Air.

I read and checked as many reviews as possible before buying this helmet - and by far the GT got heaps of praise!!

Apart from the obvious safety reason, I bought this helmet because of the drop down inner tinted visor and the fact that the GT keeps most of the wind noise out thanks to its design.

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Here is one of a number of YOUTUBE reviews on the Shoei GT Air:

Shoei GT-Air Ride Test at Competition Accessories - YouTube
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Does wearing glasses interfere with the sun visor on either helmet?
Excellent. Thanks. The external sun shield in my Nolan gets a little noisy.

bought yesterday. best fit for nine t.
Nice helmet...but $1450 USD?!:eek::eek::eek:??!
:D just waiting to be used next saturday:D :cool:
You're crazy for spending so much money on a helmet.

And i am so jealous....

...of your helmet...

...and you're insanity.;)
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Love them or hate them, here are my three helmets. I wear the schuberth on the highway and the Rubys in the city.
I really like the one on the right.:)
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Hi guys,

here are my helmets:)

Mit welchen Mützen seid ihr unterwegs? | PitsBlog

My Ol´lady yes, my dog perhaps, my bike - never!
The Premier Vintage looks good. Nice goggles, too.
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