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Hi from Baltimore Maryland!

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I just joined the group after making a reservation for new new 23’ Pure. The bike should be delivered sometime this February.

Being a typical millennial I was looking for the modern classic style and was also considering the Triumph Street Twin and Scrambler 900’s. I landed with the Pure after falling in love with the boxer engine on a quick test ride. I have been stalking the site for info on the bike before purchasing and some of the info helped me during my test ride, like pulling in the clutch twice to slip the bike from neutral to 1st.

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That's great and welcome. Come on down to the Shenandoah valley when the weather is right.
Hi and welcome to the forum. 👋
Welcome - Looking forward to seeing pictures when your bike arrives.
While you wait for delivery, it's a great time to scour this forum and the web for aftermarket parts and mod ideas. Soooo many options and ideas. Welcome to the asylum.
Welcome here.
Howdy Austin, good to have you here …. There’s all kinds of tip and helpful suggestions on this site. While your waiting on your ride read up on that which interests you here ….. tons of stuff to learn … have fun ….
StayUpOn2 ……………. Welcome to the forum Rider ….. BeWell ……….Blitz
Hello from Massachusetts.
Hello @austinw6793

Welcome to the forum.
Maryland here too (Harford County) - WELCOME…!
Just moved from Baltimore to Richmond. The Falls road north ride towards York, PA was always a favorite!
Thanks for the welcome everyone!!
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A belated welcome, mate! :)
New Bike Day!

New 2023 R NineT Pure came in and rode her home yesterday!

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