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Hi from Portugal

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Hi guys!

my name is Jorge and I'm in my thirty's. I'm a huge fan of BMW Nine T since I first saw it. It was love at first sight!

I've been riding bikes for more than 15 years. At the moment I have a 2007 R1200 GS Adventure and a 1977 Vespa Sprint Veloce.

I've been thinking of ditching the GS and getting a new bike. The options are a Nine T or a BMW R90, the old girl. Unfortunately here we must keep the bikes as original as possible, and that means that I can't follow the dream, this one. So a Nine T it is! I've heard that the delivery time for an order now it's around November! I have to check it, but if true I think I'll be banging my head in the wall until then...
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Hi there!
I´ve ordered mine from Baviera in Lisbon, and expect the nine t on the 14th week of 2014... First week of April....
Já tens a máquina? Que tal?
Eu estou a espera da minha... Tic tac!!!!
Mais um ! Mil feitos, revisao para a semana ...
e valeu a espera !!! Mota top.
E fotografias dessas vossas máquinas portuguesas? ??
(english bellow)

Só ontem é que encomendei a moto. Estava à espera de um prazo gigantesco mas afinal em Julho já a tenho!

E essas fotos pessoal?

Only yesterday I've been able to order my bike. I was waiting for a huge waiting period but after all she will arrive in July!
Onde encomendas-te? Eu encomendei a minha em Março e a previsão é Agosto :(

Motomil rules !

Amanhã tou lá para a revisão dos mil !
Já sei, demorou a fazê-los ... tive muitas interupções !
E fotos dessa 9T? :)
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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