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Hilltop Motorcycles ECU Remap?

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I've just been on the phone to Geoff at Hilltop Motorcycles in Leicestershire with regard to having a remap done on my R9 that is currently running a Boosterplug, Akra decat headers, deflap link pipe, and an Akra low silencer without a baffle.

Two options were discussed, a full rolling road tune, or a simple remap/reflash of just my ECU to upload a suitably matched map they already have. Considering the distance, not to mention the weather at the moment, posting just my ECU up would be a whole lot more convenient than a 3.5hr ride in the freezing cold, so I'm undecided as to what to do.

Surprisingly, there's not much of a price difference between the two options, and Geoff reckons that as he's already done loads of R9's already, one of their 'off the shelf' matched remaps will be about 98% as good as having an individual rolling road set-up session on my specific bike.

So what I wish to ask is........has anyone on here sent their ECU (only) up to Hilltop for a remap, what did you think/how did it perform afterwards, and in hindsight do you wish you went for the full rolling road set-up?
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FYI ... there's a UK rider who's just dynoed his full de-cat system + air filters 2016 bike with 109hp at the wheel.
He's off to Hilltop for a tune and promises to use the same dyno after to measure the difference.
I'm sure there are many who will be interested to see how this plays out..
If you're a member of the R NineT UK Facebook group .. see here:

Otherwise I'll post results back here when there's an update.

Picture shows BEFORE Hilltop tune results


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I've been looking around for more info about Hilltop and found a group who are challenging the validity of Hilltop tunes.
Regardless of your view ... there is a group of tuners who own dynos that will offer free dyno runs to validate your Hilltop Tune.
If you're happy with yours - great.
If you're not sure - you can test it .. preferably before and after.

Treetop Tuning:
Nick Underwood
Gary Donohue
Chris Steedman
Dave Wood
Darren Mcvilly
David Edgecome
@BaldyDave FYI
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That's some big claims. Can't wait to see more as it becomes available.
There's more available ... what they claim to be independent dyno runs before and after FT tune.
I'll happily ask ..
Go to Hilltop and you can read plenty of happy customer testimonials - which I'm very pleased to read.
Treetop will provide a completely counter point of view - mentioning the before dyno run done at partial throttle and final dyno run just done at 100%.
There are concerns they don't show any AFR data which even to a lay person would seem a fairly important measure.
Let the
Hi All. I had my R9T 'mapped' at HT back in January. Just had an independent Dyno check. I must say, the AFR of the check worries me - I'm going to need a power commander or suchlike to get this sorted out, but first I'll be visiting HT for a face to face to see what they propose to do about it. I'm running lean 'off the scale' at about 3300RPM.

Watch this space...
Fingers crossed you get your money back...

You've probably already seen this ... here's a good summary of tuning options from @Manyakus

See attachment here :
I've been a bystander on this whole thing for a while whilst evaluating ECU tunes.
The bottom line is that everyone has their own opinion on HT and their ECU upgrades.

Regardless of which side you stand on - I would only say you're not about to change the view of a person who has either paid good money and is happy, or someone who has paid good money and is unhappy, or someone who has just read the comments and made their own opinion.

INDEPENDENT evidence is the only way to support your argument.
(HT dyno printouts are not independent).

Me - I'm happy I chose BrenTuning in the end.
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@DomKiwi plenty of discussion on Hilltop in this existing thread: Hilltop Motorcycles ECU Remap?

You'll find plenty of differing opinions.

@Captain @BaldyDave worth merging threads.
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I have booked her in to David Wood Racing (Buckingham) for the ecu remap. They run it on the dyno first, then work their magic, dyno again and then let you have a go and see if you like it prior to paying.
I'm really looking forward to seeing the results, as I'm sure many others are as well.
A point worth remembering is whoever is tuning/mapping your bike that ultimate HP gains are not usually the sole aim.
Smoother acceleration by not running lean was the big benefit I found with my BrenTuning remap.

(BTW - I know the roads around that area very well. If you plan on riding over - try to take the A413 from Aylesbury up to Buckingham, you won't be disappointed)
Yes a413 has got some nice twisties 👍👍
Where abouts are you from?
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