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How will the R9T perform compared to ....?

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It appears that the R9T is very much a pared down R1200R from the model specs comparison on the official BMW Motorrad Canada web site.

I interpret the two have the identical engine, gearbox, wheel size and brakes.

Apart from looks and finish which are VERY significant - major differences appear to boil down to:
1. suspension (front end radically different)
2. shorter wheelbase, castor and greater steering head angle
3. different wheels (although same dimensions)
4. overall length greater for the 9T by 75mm
5. seating position a bit lower.
6. inner leg curve is tighter making the seat to foot peg a little more cramped (I presume).

How do all these specs break down and relate to each other? No-one is a fortune teller but how should the R9T ride and feel, compared to the current R1200R.

At equivalent rider input should it:
1. perform a bit more 'aggressively' than the R1200R
2. steer/corner quicker or more relaxed
3. be as cable backroad tourer as the R1200R (seating comfort aside)

The R9T invokes a special lust and with many of us putting deposits down it would be nice to be able to know what we can reasonably expect from the 'dream machine'.
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Elsewhere on this forum is a comparison chart for power output and gearing. Reading across the chart the R Nine T looks as if it has the pre watercooled R1200GS engine with a lower second gear. Taking into account the slightly smaller diameter of the rear tyre there will be slightly lower gearing across the range. This will suit me fine as I prefer backroads touring as much as possible rather than miles of high speed motorways. I might be a romantic but I'm alread picturing myself winding down through France, into the Alps, across into Northern Italy and back through Germany, taking in the Garmisch show in July!
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