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Good morning all,

Happy owner of an R9T since June 2020 (model of June 2020), I started this weekend in dismantling the tank in order to be able to access the battery. I fixed a Quad lock system on the handlebars with a power system in the same brand. A special fitting had to be attached to the battery. To do clean work, I decided to remove the tank. I have a small level of handyman without being a professional mechanic. I followed a video tutorial found on the net. Well done, but if you can, I recommend that you get help from another person when disconnecting the tank (and when fixing it) from the motorcycle. Less risk of scratching the tank. Feverish the first time, I would do it again without any apprehension.

Having a GPS tracker (heritage of an old TMAX) with built-in battery, I need to find a "+" (if possible on the back of the bike) after contact, so that the box is recharges when the motorcycle is running and operates on the battery when the motorcycle is stopped.

I tried to bypass the "Din" socket without success. Normally, this outlet stops being supplied approximately one minute after the ignition is switched off. Plugging the box into it cancels this function and therefore remains permanently powered, at the risk of draining the battery -> so I gave up.

I try to transplant myself on the rear light for example. But before doing it, I would like to know if someone has already done it, if someone can tell me the color of the wire (the + of the rear light), finally all indications that can help me not to do stupidity.

Thank you in advance.

Wishing you all a safe journey.

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