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Interesting Engine Guards and More

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Seems the Adventure riders (including myself) bling out their bikes with all kinds of 'crash stuff' to protect just about everything. Truth be told the majority, including myself, ride on improved roads and if I go offroad, I drive across my front lawn and tackle the 'curb' as a major obstacle.

Folks with RT's and GT's worry about dropping the bike and spend gobs of money, relatively speaking to protect the plastic/polymer parts along with the engine; on the boxer models those jugs do stick out.

So, here we are with a gorgeous boxer model, those protruding jugs just hanging out there, and a simple stationary drop in the driveway, hey, it happens, and no protection? What gives, not even a BMW accessory, unless you consider the headguards for the 3013 and earlier boxer models with the DOHC engine? I'm not reeally worried but seems odd not a thing mentioned . . . R12R accessories???

Have I missed a major thread?
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I've been discussing this for a couple months now. I've contacted Givi, SW Motech, and others. They all are waiting to get their hands on a nineT to check Fitment etc. M&M and I have discussed this too. My guess is the r1200r bars will fit, but there may be some questions with the oil cooler in a different spot. Same engine, so who knows. Mine will be stored at the dealer for 2-3 weeks after it comes in, so hopefully we will find one before I have this thing in my garage, and drop it before I even ride it!

Bonk, looking forward to your pics.
ill be posting pics of the ones i bought later today.
Bonk, the protective covers are certainly some protection, but I need bars so big I could just about mount training wheels!
**** Lost, with that lean going on, you really need MotoGP class knee pads! Mainly, I am concerned about the 0 MPH garage drops. I'm sure I will do that within the first 10 minutes I have the NineT in the garage. Either then, or the first time I am showing it off to the 23 year old gals at Bike night at the Irish Pub up the street. Perhaps the plastic BMW guards, or the M Moto guards would protect from that.
RK, your crazy hahaha.
Your not gonna drop your baby.
Its light and low and your strong as an ox anyway.
Bonk, you will be happy to know, I am purchasing a demo Yamaha TW200 (at a very favorable price) to get some seat miles on as a refresher. For others that may think I'm nuts, its been over 35 years since I have ridden regularly, and knew when I saw the NineT, it was time again. (that TW200 will be fun to take fishing in the back country, once I am confident again).
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its better to practice on that than the NineT!

How much you pay for the TW200 if you don't mind me asking.
3500, with 200 miles on it. Its a 2013. Haven't even ridden it yet. We got an additional 6 inches of snow last night. My guess is we have maybe 16 inches or more on the ground. (and icy chunky streets)

Yeah, the MSF course was great, but it was in a huge parking lot. Not out with the gabbing and texting drivers.
I think I am going to take Lost's suggestion (he looks like he has been around the block a time or two on bikes), and get those X covers. If for no other reason, when I sent the company an email and asked a couple questions, they called me on my cell the next day, and passionately described the product, and how it protected the heads. I don't see myself leaning over far enough to dig in crash bars, but I sure like the look of the covers much more.
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