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Interesting Engine Guards and More

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Seems the Adventure riders (including myself) bling out their bikes with all kinds of 'crash stuff' to protect just about everything. Truth be told the majority, including myself, ride on improved roads and if I go offroad, I drive across my front lawn and tackle the 'curb' as a major obstacle.

Folks with RT's and GT's worry about dropping the bike and spend gobs of money, relatively speaking to protect the plastic/polymer parts along with the engine; on the boxer models those jugs do stick out.

So, here we are with a gorgeous boxer model, those protruding jugs just hanging out there, and a simple stationary drop in the driveway, hey, it happens, and no protection? What gives, not even a BMW accessory, unless you consider the headguards for the 3013 and earlier boxer models with the DOHC engine? I'm not reeally worried but seems odd not a thing mentioned . . . R12R accessories???

Have I missed a major thread?
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For anyone looking to confirm the exact part number for NineT compatibility, I emailed Machineart and got this response - "Yes, the X-Head DOHC fits the R nineT. We have not added it to the fitment description yet, but the same X-Head that fits the GS fits the R nineT. It's the same engine."

X-Head DOHC - 2010~12 GS; 2010~13 RT, R, ADV for $189

I put my order in tonight, this bike is a bit taller than my old one and I;m concerned about parking lot / driveway damage.

Personally, I like the looks of these MachineArtMoto X-Head guards on the 9T, I have their similar product on my 12R and they have proven to be quite useful/durable with plenty of coverage.

There's always been lots of debate about crash bars vs head guards on boxers, steel bars take away lots of clearance if you're the type of rider that likes to lean over far in the twisties and there's the potential of transferring energy in a crash through the mount points directly to the engine block, breaking something much more expensive than a valve cover. Some say they have provided good protection in a crash without issue.
For me, bars won't work as I already have issues with clearance occasionally and the "GS" look just won't work for me on the 9T.

I'm not sure about the new cam-head BMW OEM guards since I haven't used them, hopefully BMW improved on them because the BMW version for the hex head motor proved to be very inadequate in a few situations for me, breaking at 0 mph drops, or providing little protection in a crash at any speed.
The Boxer jugs sticking out are stronger than one might think, taking a beating and still not breaking, though I do carry Quick Steel when on long trips just in case something happens and I poke a hole in one... happened once and Quick Steel saved the day.
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