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Interesting Engine Guards and More

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Seems the Adventure riders (including myself) bling out their bikes with all kinds of 'crash stuff' to protect just about everything. Truth be told the majority, including myself, ride on improved roads and if I go offroad, I drive across my front lawn and tackle the 'curb' as a major obstacle.

Folks with RT's and GT's worry about dropping the bike and spend gobs of money, relatively speaking to protect the plastic/polymer parts along with the engine; on the boxer models those jugs do stick out.

So, here we are with a gorgeous boxer model, those protruding jugs just hanging out there, and a simple stationary drop in the driveway, hey, it happens, and no protection? What gives, not even a BMW accessory, unless you consider the headguards for the 3013 and earlier boxer models with the DOHC engine? I'm not reeally worried but seems odd not a thing mentioned . . . R12R accessories???

Have I missed a major thread?
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Bonkorama ... that works out to about 160,000 km ... very decent effort!!! .... I'm jealous of all the time you got to spend riding ... wowee! :):)
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The weather here in southern California is made for two wheelers. So its easy to rack up the miles.

It has to be really storming to get me to start the car up.
And even then I would rather be wearing a rain suit and on my bike.
I'm 54 years old now, and you'd think id prefer a big comfy car to tool around in all the time, but nope.
Always I'm on my bike.
I had a mini bike as a little kid. When i out grew that thing, I couldn't wait till i was old enough to get a proper motorcycle.

It still feels the same every time I get on one. Happiness.

And now waiting for 9t to get here is torture, like a little kid who wants his candy.
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Banko, how many miles/km you ride per year ?
Not many miles to and from my office during the week. Probably only 30 miles a day during 8 months of the yr, then when the TV season gets quieter, and i take more days off.. I ride a lot.

And there are so many fantastic places to ride here, so to do 100 or 200 miles in a casual day ride is super easy.

It just ads up I suppose because I ride every day. :D
I think I am going to take Lost's suggestion (he looks like he has been around the block a time or two on bikes), and get those X covers. If for no other reason, when I sent the company an email and asked a couple questions, they called me on my cell the next day, and passionately described the product, and how it protected the heads. I don't see myself leaning over far enough to dig in crash bars, but I sure like the look of the covers much more.
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