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Hello Everyone,
Just want yo introduce myself. Just bought a used Option 719 Night black matt/Aluminum matt with 1970km on the clock. Looking forward to riding it in Spring ‘23. Furthermore, I look forward to being a part of Ninetowners readers and contributors. Cheers! -Vernon from Vancouver, BC
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Welcome here.
Hi and welcome to the forum. 👋
Welcome from California. Hope to see you down this way soon. We are always happy to look at your bike pics.
Welcome from NYC - What year is your new ride?
welcome, eh!

Hello from the Netherlands
Hello @Vern

Welcome to the forum.
Hello from Massachusetts USA.
Welcome to the forum, from the UK

Congrats on your R9T and welcome to the forum from Ohio, USA! :)
A belated welcome! :)
Welcome to the asylum. Post some pics when you can
Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome to the Forum

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Welcome. Vancouver seems like the place to ride a R nineT these days!
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