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Silver Wheels instead of black is something I have been thinking several times. Adding to silver gas tank. Probably I will change in few years. I don´t like when everything is same color (black). Frame, Engine, Wheels etc etc. I prefer mix of pair of colours to get visual contrast? In this way breast plate also in silver color. I am not sure if you have painted with new color wheels (Powder coated?) or you remove black paint and "color" we see is natural metal iron/aluminum properly protected with varnish???
Prismatic Powder coat "Porsche Silver" with clear coat.
Were I to do it again I would have matched the existing silver on the bike but I was pinched for time.
Now I'll just have the "V" and maybe the headlight done in the Porsche Silver.
Did I say that already? Deja vu.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts