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Started long ago on a Honda 650 XL , changed to Yamaha 600 XT , started off road riding on a Honda CRF 250, changed to KTM 450 EXC.
Ride now an 14 year old Yamaha FZX 750 and a KTM Duke 390. Live in Tanzania since two month and would like to buy the Nine T as a long term bike that can be used everywhere. Anyone being able to offer insights how to buy this bike and get it to Dar es Salaam would be offered the best beers on the market.
I used to ride a lot of enduro trips in South East Asia and are looking into doing the same in Southern Africa once I find a reasonable off road bike here.
Looking forward to read all the news about the Nine T before ordering and importing.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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