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Hi All,
I traded my 2010 Honda VFR1200F last Saturday and put the $1000. deposit on the last RNineT the Kelowna dealer had allotted. The 130kms. travel from home to the dealer on the VFR was rather cool as it was 0 degrees centigrade and with an inversion creating low cloud cover, plus very damp and a bit windy. Our Canadian pricing is $16,200. but then you have to add the freight at $250. and set up and Pdi at $500. plus of the course the documentation fee at $195. and we can't forget the green fees, also known as government general revenue at $15. for tire and battery tax. I also have to pay the 12% (5% GST + 7%PST) on the difference between my trade and total cost so really you end up paying some tax on tax!
The difference to US pricing is not so bad now our dollar is down to 90 cents US, after being at a high of 1.08 last year!
I've been riding since I was 14 in Edmonton Alberta, started on a Honda S90, Yamaha Twin Jet 100, and a Honda Benly twin 125. Then my parents moved to England where I bought an Ariel Leader (red and white) thinking Suzuki X6 Hustler performance and getting a little more then my S90! Also had a Sunbeam S8 and a BSA scooter which with the bodywork off went a lot quicker. Then a gap in riding with only occasional forays on an RM125 Suzuki dirtbike.
Then I bought a basketcase Honda 750, followed by a Yamaha Fazer 750 (not unlike the US 700, but 50cc bigger and more power). I also had a standard, no fairing Honda Goldwing 1200, foollowed by an 86 Honda V65 Magna. That was traded for a new Kawasaki 650 Ninja ZX6R which was a wonderful bike and lead me into the manic world of sportbikes. I traded it on a 2000 Honda RC51 and then an Erion Honda 929 and also a VFR (geared OHC head version).
After too many speeding tickets and far to much adrenaline pumping plus and aging or more appropriately maturity, I decided a change was in order and I bought a yellow 2005 BMW GS with the spoked wheels, heated grips, ABS, crash bars and all the cases. I had it for 8 years and last summer felt it was time for a trade and bought a non-current VFR after a long test ride. I had put a deposit down for a Honda CB1100 as the 2103's were sold out. But after riding the VFR I really missed the Beemer - the boxer engine grows on you over time, they just get better the longer you own them and are filled with character, despite what the cycle mags say! I had looked at the new 'water' version and thought about waiting for the R1200R to get the engine upgrade, but I like the air/oil cooling for simplicity, and within 2 years they probably won't be available any longer - even HD are going to water cooling.
The only other bike I have now is a 64 Triumph T120C Bonneville that is stripped in the basement waiting for me to install a Boyer electronic ignition and higher output alternator plus converting from non battery 6 volt positive to battery 12 volt negative!
Anyway cheers to all, looking forward to my bike arriving in early March and hoping for warmer weather - I ordered the dealer installed heated grips at $665. installed (ouch) plus tax and the better passenger seat at $208. plus tax.
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