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LeMotographe Rear Machined Tail Unit and Pillion Brackets

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Hi there, has anyone installed the LeMotographe machined pillion brackets and footpegs? I am looking for an option without putting on the rear subframe each time. The LeMotographe brackets look understated and have an exhaust mounting option.
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Seeing as how this doesn't bolt to anything other than the existing under seat main frame, I can't see that it supports any more than the factory rear frame without the passenger subframe. This doesn't magically make the main frame more stable
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I tend to agree. However, on my 2021 Pure the passenger seat section is actually welded on to the main frame instead of bolted on. That's like one piece and gotta be pretty strong. But I know a lot of frames out there are bolted on instead.
Not related to the LeMotographe tail, but only the Classics have the removable rear section. All submodels (Pure, Scrambler, Racer, UGS) have the single piece rear section that is welded. BMW still rates the load capacity as 50lbs with either the bolt on rear section or the welded.
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The 50lbs load capacity is nonsense… A pillion passenger easily weighs 3 times that! So if the load capacity of the rear frame is only 25kg, how on earth can you ride with a pillion??
the 50lb rating is for the rear frame when the PASSENGER SUBFRAME isn’t installed.You aren’t supposed to ride with a pillion without it installed and that is exactly the point we are making. The passenger subframe braces the area under the pillion seat against the lower frame behind the rider pegs, this is where the majority of the strength comes from. The tail modification in this thread makes it impossible to install the subframe, we are advising not to have a passenger with this mod.
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