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LeMotographe Rear Machined Tail Unit and Pillion Brackets

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Hi there, has anyone installed the LeMotographe machined pillion brackets and footpegs? I am looking for an option without putting on the rear subframe each time. The LeMotographe brackets look understated and have an exhaust mounting option.
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I did a full build with them. It’s beautiful and Jerome is amazing. Happy to answer any questions you may have
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Hi JR. I don’t mean to hijack this thread but I don’t seem to be able to message you directly, I’m guessing because I’m a new member.

I’ve been interested in this rear end from Lemotographe since laying eyes on it. To my eyes the shape and proportions are just about perfect for what I’m going for in my own 9T; certainly compared with any other seat or seat/cover on the market. I wanted to ask for your thoughts on the quality, though. In this thread there’s been some discussion about its ability to bear weight, that’s not really an issue for me. Probably more important for me than the aesthetic advantage the Lemotographe rear has over, say, Wunderlich’s Aktivkomfort seat, is the stitching symmetry and overall attention to detail and uniformity as well as how it all holds up over time in terms of holding shape.

I noticed in the second picture you posted above that the leather on the side of the rear seat section looks loose and wrinkled, probably from use. Can you share some thoughts about that for me and anyone else possibly looking at this part? The company seems to offer some really nice parts but there’s next to no discussion online from people who have purchased them or really even paying attention.

Many thanks in advance!
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