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Losing my Coupe

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Hello All! Im Ian from the Carolinas. Lots of great riding here. Currently riding a Monster 796 and been waiting for the nineT since i saw the sketches a couple of EICMA's ago. Glad this thing is finally coming out because it checks all the boxes. ive been longing for a classic looking bike with modern components for a while. the Ducati Sport 1000 and the Griso was on my short list but they dont really get my inner child jumping, something was missing and i coudnt put a finger on it. when they unveiled the nineT, that was it. ive found my next bike. In a couple of months ill be parting ways with my beloved 335i coupe. to make a long story short... i'll simply be needing a bigger boat :) but in addition to the bigger boat... there will be a nineT on the side :D
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Hi, Ian.

Welcome. Which Carolina are you in?
Central NC
Good, good.

Maybe see you around on the road before long.
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