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While I have had a BMW service writer tell me the annual oil change isn't actually necessary, there isn't a dealer anywhere that will back that up officially. Tons of empirical evidence out there but less science although it is available if one wants to find it. I've found enough to satisfy my curiosity. There's factory/dealer money to be made by installing cheaper components and exaggerating necessary maintenance schedules. We agree large generators don't get oil changes unless there's contamination (as determined by analysis). As for empirical evidence, one of my vehicles gets oil changes every 10k miles using the highest quality oils I can find. It has just shy of 200k miles on it (this is a 500k+ mile engine by the way). When I had a Harley, it also went 10k miles. BMW bikes are more spirited so I change them every 6k miles just in case or in the case of my wife's BMW car, as the computer dictates, or roughly every 8k miles on average. I absolutely ignore the yearly oil change suggested on the vehicles. My bikes get ridden year-round so they don't go a year before they see 6k miles. Although, if my bikes were parked long enough, I wouldn't hesitate skip the annual recommendation. I also change brake fluids less often because they are getting cycled regularly. Synthetic oils do resist contamination better than the older stuff, engines are basically sealed, computerized high performancecars often overrun oil change cycles based on usage. I'm not an expert, but my experiences have been good. I save some money, my engines have been content. If you want the evidence, seek and you shall find, then follow your heart.

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On the VFR forum I'm still on, many riders consider regular oil changes to be cheap insurance for their engines. Personally, I spend much more on fuel than I do on oil and filter changes, so going by BMW's recommendation of doing it every 6,000 miles - and if I do it myself instead of having the local Beemer dealer shop do it - I'm fine with spending the approximate $90 UDS to change my oil and filter whether it truly needs it or not.

As for all other maintenance, I tend to think manufacturers' recommendations are a little eager, if you know what I mean. Delaying fluid changes a thousand miles or a couple months, give or take, probably isn't going to do much harm. But it's really the owner's call on what they think they need to do, whether it's in line with BMW's maintenance schedule or their own.

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Dropped my bike to the Dealers for the 10K km service, items that will be done:
  • motor, oil and filter change
  • gearbox oil change
  • brake fluid change
  • TB sync (this is an Euro4 bike)
  • steering stem torque
  • motor, valve clearance check
  • air filter check and replace if necessary
- replace battery (lithium item supplied by me)
the original battery struggles to turn over the motor.
- replace under-tank fuel connection nipples
E10 is becoming a fact of life with gasoline supply at the pumps and ethanol is not plastic-friendly.
BMW should have used brass nipples instead of plastic ones!

Now I wait for the bill!
Here is what it cost me (prices in Canadian dollars, tax not included)
$450 for the 10K service
(shimming for the valves not required)
$130 for the brake fluid flush
$30 to swap the plastic fuel tank connectors to the metal items (purchased at US$130 from Beemer Boneyard)

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I鈥檝e decided to let my local generic bike shop look after my Classic 2016 R9T now. 76k kms on her now. What should be included in the 鈥渘ormal鈥 service, as opposed to the 鈥測early鈥? Last time they changed the oil and filter and did a thorough check. Brake pads are still OK. They are asking if there鈥檚 anything else I need or want doing.
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