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So here stands my 2018 Urban GS
It's not a super model. It's a daily rider. Parts are switched to facilitate the mission at hand.
  • Sargent seat or stock Scrambler seat.
  • Blue and/or white Ikea sheep skins skillfully tailored with a steak knife
  • Bead Rider seat
  • Several bolts from various hardware stores
  • Cheap 22mm bar risers
  • Pivot pegs
  • Ram mount
  • Koso instrument cluster
  • Ruby Moto auxiliary lights
  • Ohlins suspension and steering
  • OEM soft panniers
  • Cheap usb plug from Amazon
  • CHEAP "Knock off" throttle palm rest
  • CHEAP "Knock off" engine bars
  • Inner screen from a Wunderlich air scoop guard (the rest was thrown in the trash) hot glued inside the snorkle
  • Belly pan from an old GSA , rattle canned black bed-liner paint
  • Hepco&Becker tail rack
  • Wolfman tail bag
  • Aftermarket white hand guards
  • Some fancy bmw valve stem caps
  • Dirt from various counties and states.
The gathering and installation of these readily available parts have produced the most bespokiest of all bespoked creations that has been or ever will be gifted to the human eye.
The bike does what it's supposed to do and probably more as my skills improve . It makes me feel pretty and bolsters my self worth when posing in front of hip coffee shops or receiving praise on various social media platforms.
My favorite memory continues to change. I find something new and wonderful with every ride.
Most importantly, always spay and neuter your pets, Don't do drugs, stay in school,water your plants before leaving on holiday and always Keep a litter bag in your car.
Thank you for your consideration of my BOTM entry.
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