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MotoGP in Austin, TX and “the handbuilt show”, April 14-16, calling all TX RNineTs!

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Gents, 4 weeks to go!

@BlitzSchnell will come down from Dallas to show his latest creation, “Blitz and Donner”.

We’ll be at the track all day Saturday to take in some noise and watch the new MotoGP format “short race”.

We will go to the Texas “handbuilt show” in Austin: some eye-candy there!
for one or 2 evenings, and will watch the race somewhere on a big screen in town on Sunday afternoon.

Other than that, all else is tbd. It will most probably involve some German beer and a few sundowners.

Let us know who’ll be around! Once we have some responses, we’ll create some kind of group chat for the details.

And we’ll win this challenge! New challenge: Real life get-together photos
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I plan on going to handbuilt show on Saturday. Leaving from San Antonio. Might go to motoGP.
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