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My 1300ccm Big-Bore RnineT Pure Café Racer

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Hello folks and greetings from Germany,

i would like to show you my 1300ccm Big Bore Pure Café Racer from 2017. It's gonna be a longer post, sorry!

It started like this about a year ago when i sold my 1250GS as it bored me to death and bought this used Pure that had some minor mods installed like a short rear and a relocated numberplate.

at first i did some basic changes like unit garage exhaust but sold that one pretty quickly as it was just too obnoxiuosly loud and the sound wasnt good either + im pretty sure that it loses ponys, went for the aftermarket akra and also installed clip ons

then i figured that i want to go all in on this bike as i LOVE it, that meant stopping with the basic mods and stripping the whole thing

powdercoating all the silver parts and getting the all aluminium tank from the Euro 3 Models, i just like it more than the euro 4 ones as they dont have the shiny coating. also upgraded the suspension to öhlins in the front and Bielstein in the back

went for the urban GS seat and backpiece with the rizoma cover and tiny lights, was happy with the result....for a while 😁

the aftermarket akra still didnt do it for me as it did not have that great deep rumbling sound from the stock can and when i called my tuner he said that for performance the double oem akra pipe would be very good so i installed it together with the zard headers and got a big bore kit installed

old vs. new piston, you can see a noteable difference

the stock dyno run resulted in 113HP and 113Nm
after the big bore kit and custom mapping we are looking at 132.3HP and 140.4Nm

sadly the dips in the middle cant be flattened easily because of the airbox and that would require some mods that will make me lose performance on other parts of the curve and i need to keep it somewhat street legal but i am still very happy with the results!

and this is how she looks today

i am finished with this bike (for now 😂)

all the mods done to the bike:
  • Big Bore Kit 1300ccm
  • Zard SS Headers
  • Small front fender
  • Öhlins fork cartridges
  • probrake Clip Ons
  • lowerded the tachometers by 7cm
  • underbar mirrors
  • brake/clutch levers from Wunderkind
  • silver parts powder coated in black
  • Wilbers steering damper
  • LSL footrests
  • urban gs seat and back
  • kellermann tiny indicators/lights front and back
  • Bilstein shock/damper in back
  • HeinzBikes number plate holder
  • K&N air filter
  • OEM double akra can
  • unit garage intake cover
  • side stand from the scrambler

over the winter im planning to tweak the cylinder heads for a better airflow which will probably result in a few more ponies and a bit more torque, amazingly enough this is not even the end of the 1200ccm air cooled boxer, replacing the crank and camshaft will get you up to 1400ccm and over 150Hp / 150Nm but that is too expensive for the gains.

if you have some question i try to answer them. 🤟
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Badass build!—except for that soul fuel decal 😆
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That’s exactly the information I needed @Kowalski, thank you. Banging the tank I’m sure will be an issue for me as well. The bar ends do well I just don’t like the look … I’m actually considering a helmet mount video heads-up display rear view camera. Absolutely perfect at night but not so much at certain angles in sunlight. When the light is good it’s great and when not it’s just completely over exposed and good for nothing …. I’d settle for under bar mirrors and actually like them to be larger than my bar ends are currently. I’ll have to buy a set of mirrors and machine my mounts custom …. Thanks again for the response and feedback … you answered many questions I had not even thought of yet. You saved me much foot work, tests, purchases and frustration too. Gratttitude Sir. ………………….Blitz
I have the underbar Motogadget kit from Classic Raisch and it took some time and many adjustments to get the angles right, but I do not hit my tank on full lock.

With just a slight tilt of the head while riding, I have great vision. Here's a photo when I was first installing them (Club version vs. the OP's Sport version mirrors)

Vehicle Photograph Fuel tank Motorcycle Motor vehicle
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Beautiful …. Thank you @itsryanlee, I have similar bars and I really like the tucked in look they give. I’ll order a set today. This forum is so damn cool for stuff like this …. I won’t have to reject or return anything thanks to my fellow riders …. We say in Texas “GrassEAss Amigo” …………….another happy member …………..Blitz
This forum is incredibly vital to the community. I've found so many solutions to my problems, which would otherwise have gone unanswered.
As a note, my final adjustments to this underbar mirror kit included moving my handlebar clamps outward...maybe a full 1cm closer to the controls. Other than that, you'll just be using a set of hex keys to adjust the arms themselves (y)
edit: oh also, I managed to strip one of the handlebar clamp torx bolts' head as be careful not to over-torque them and make sure the torx key is fully seated...I've since bought a set of replacement bolts lol.
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@itsryanlee … I decided to try and work with what I’ve got ….. I realized (or visualized) where the mirror would have to be to serve my viewing behind me and not stick out past the bar ends or strike the tank when lock to lock. Just like yours but with support from the other side. I simply reversed the mount and it looks like it might just work … it just clears the tank, I don’t have to lift my arm to get a direct view and I actually don’t have to even move my head … I can just shift my eyes and get both sides with less effort than when mounted the other way … I haven’t road tested it yet but I think I solved my problem. I’m not crazy about the mirror shape and would prefer something more shapely and stylish but I’ll work with it for a while and see if it passes my requirements . I’ll either relocate the convex spot mirrors …(little round ones)… or remove them completely…….. I like it ! Thanks for the inspiration ……..StayUpOn2………Blitz
This was one of my choices when I was deciding on mirrors — bar-end mirrors that I could turn inwards just like you have. Get on the road and see if you like the new positioning!
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