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I've only had my bike for a week now and I had all parts weeks before I even bought the bike 馃榾

This was the day I bought it! About 8 days ago.

I've taken off some parts the previous owner had installed including Wunderlich bar risers and Remus Hypercone Slip-On.

Current part list!
Rizoma Rearsets
Rizoma Tail Tidy(Will be removed for solo seat)
Rizoma Club tail lights
Rizoma Spy mirrors
Rizoma Rear Brake Reservoir
Rizoma Clip on handle bars
Full Titanium straight pipedexhaust
Valve delete as exhaust tip with no muffler

Last night I did the handle bars and also the exhaust!


How she currently sits!



The hasn't even been turned on with the Titanium exhaust yet because I will use a torch to "Anodize" the pipe.

Parts to follow are Full Titanium Intake system and intake scoop from JC R9T!

In the post enroute, we have...
AC SCHNIZTER belly pan
Motogadet Gauge
Led headlights
Wunderlich solo seat conversion
Wunderlich tail lights
Xray engine covers
Deciding whether to get engine guard or not 馃

I will get more pics as they and when I install them!

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Really nice build so far, congratulations! :)
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I鈥檓 drooling man, lots of Picts please 鈥 I鈥檓 a distant voyeur of your build. Stay at it and StayUpOn2 as well 鈥︹︹.Blitz
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@CafeR9T That air filter mod looks cool, what鈥檚 the benefit over the stock setup?
Definitely looks cool and engine sounds abit cooler if that 馃槅

I have it also installed with Booster Plug and I noticed right off the bat the bike is definitely more responsive. I only rode it to the wrap shop and it feels good.

There are many debates, whether K&N filters actually increase HP or decrease it but for me it feels and sounds noticeably better so I'll take it.
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