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New Frenchy

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Hi Guys!

Thanks for acceptation!
I'm a new NineT Boy.
For me, it's a classic one Blue Metallic date october 2017
I'm near Marseille in south of France.
I come here to discuss our bikes, to see the possible evolutions, to take pleasure to exchange....

Be safe! :happy:

See below some pictures

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Hello Omaley et bienvenue ici!!

Great choice of color, do you have some mods planned already ?

Be safe on the road :)
Congrats, nice one. Many safe kilometers!
Tks Rems!

Sure, i've planned somes! :)
Already add passenger handle and cylinder protectors
I'll quickly install short licence plate but i don't know which one

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Welcome! :)
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You can check online and on the forum, there are a ton of different options for the rear end, you can go for a sleek design with the Daedalus tail tidy, Wunderlich is offering some kind of a rear loop (with or without brake light), gizmos has the classic club 3in1 rear lights... it really depends on the look you want to give your tail :D
Welcome to the forum. Great color!
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Tks Rems for your advices.
I saw Daedalus and Wunderlich solutions but they're too expensive.
On French forum, i saw DIY solution with short rear made from the old support.
Find below the result. Not so beautiful as Daedalus but it may be a first solution for the moment :)

However, i don't know Gizmos rear.
Do you have link?


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sorry I meant Rizoma (not sure how I ended up typing gizmos though)
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